Professional Development - TransNational - Translation and Interpreting

Australasian Association of Language Companies (AALC)

Paula Arturo, 5 February, 2018
Divide and Conquer – “Fidelity to source” and “transparency” are key in translating contracts.

John Milan and Mike Collins, 24 May 2018
Agencies vs. Freelancers? A Market Analysis – “Significant changes in the industry over the past 30 years.”

Renato Beninatto, 26 February 2019
Moments of Change, Opportunities for Growth – “Will artificial intelligence kill the language industry?”

Jure Dernovsek, 5 March 2019
Automation and Integration Possibility with MemoQ Server – “Different possibilities and levels of automation and integration, and the potential savings.”

Business Mentors New Zealand

Damian Lawrence, 24 January 2019
Succession Planning and its relevance to the Small Business Environment

Yusuke Inui, 21 February 2019
Building your Business with Social Media

Graeme Hogan, 16 April 2019
Business Planning for Growth – “A robust 5-step process for creating a growth plan for your business.