Your video may be a visual masterpiece…… now let it speak directly to the audience

Whether a professional studio production or a home video, English captions, translated subtitles or a complete foreign voiceover can be the difference between the audience seeing you are great, and knowing it.

TransNational adds the competitive edge with 150 voiceover artists in over 24 languages. They can be young and excited for a teen jingle, or deep and southern for the latest beer commercial. We can provide guidance in overseas voice and accent to accentuate your story to the target audience.

We can work with any digital format, taking your English video and giving it a voice or subtitles that will hit home with the target audience. Take your video to the next level. It’s cost-effective marketing that does the talking for you.

We also produce a full range of in-house services including audio books, museum self-guiding systems, and hop-on hop-off tour bus and maritime narrations.


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Translating English scripts into foreign languages is a skill. Understanding framerates, speech condensing, cadence, and having a sound that draws you in and achieves an enjoyable viewer experience – is an artform.

Our video editors, subtitling team and voiceover artists work directly with our product managers and the studio production team. Translated scripts sometimes have to be edited on-the-spot in the studio or on-screen so that the language will fit, be easily readable or so the narration flows smoothly in pace with screen changes, pop-up text, sound effects or other reactive CGI features built into the film. We manage all aspects from voice capture through to editing and insertion.

Voiceover of Tauranga Tourism video into Korean

Subtitle Of Whanganui Lifestyle video into Chinese

Voice & Subtitle for Auckland Tech Sector into Chinese

Subtitle for Wellington Education into Thai

Voiceover for YouTube History channel into Japanese

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