Added Value Guarantee

Quality People

Our professional translators and project managers aim to deliver the highest standard of work accepted at government level.

Quality Service

You will work with “real people” who understand your end goal for having work translated. We treat each project as a unique and work to your requirements to achieve the best results.

Quality Guarantee

We apply stringent quality management systems and are happy to involve you in the review process.

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Sending Us Your Documents

All work is translated and checked by professionals.
Standard driver licences, police clearances and certificates are completed within 4-working days for $49.00.

Our EXPRESS (24-hour) for certificates and SUPER EXPRESS (1-hour) Driver Licence service is unmatched in Australia and New Zealand. It is fast, safe and available completely online or at one of our 12 service centres in New Zealand.
For translation of your driver licence, just take a photo of it and your passport, then click below.

For all other documents, send a digital photo or scan by clicking the CONTACT button below, pay by credit card safely over the phone, or through the secure Payment Options page and you’re done. NZQA, immigration, academic and business documents are translated on an affordable English word-count basis. Basic layout and design are included at no extra charge.

Our design team and half-million-dollar printery offer professional foreign language graphic design and commercial printing in every foreign language.

If you have any questions along the way, just call toll free 0800 000 339.




Professional results in a professional world

TransNational supports some of the best brands, service providers and organisations in the world. The reason is simple – results.


International Business



Higher Education



Government Initiatives

Nothing is more convincing than reading information in your native language. Nothing loses credibility and trust faster than ‘cheap and rushed’ translation work. We work closely with each company or business owner to understand the ultimate goal in translating their important information.
The expression could be something as simple as “flat white” or if someone told you, “Rotorua is the coolest hotspot in New Zealand!” How would you translate that? And would it even work overseas? The goal should always be to communicate thoughts and meaning, rather than words.
Marketing into China is different from Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Europe or South America. Language culture and customer perceptions are different. What looks and sounds good in English, often needs ‘adapting’ to suit the taste of the market and audience you are marketing to. We take the time to think about and feature this into every translation as part of the service, so that you can achieve the best possible results.



Translations That Go the Extra Mile – For Free

In supporting brands and businesses to grow their markets overseas, every project is allocated a hands-on project manager. They will talk to you about your business, what you want to achieve and look at ways of how to do it. This service is free!

Our people are your people and they are equally dedicated to get the biggest smile on your face. And frequently, they exceed expectations beyond producing a great translation – they help you achieve success.


Conference & Interpreting Services

Our professionally qualified interpreters are experienced in Police and Court interpreting, ACC workplace, healthcare interpreting, conference and community work.
Interpreters can act as ambassadors to support your business or abide by a strict code of ethics and complete confidentiality to suit your case and needs.
We also provide state-of-the-art international conference audio equipment, interpreting booths and wireless interpreting equipment for overseas delegations and events.


Graphic Design & Video Subtitling

Marketing a business or product successfully depends a lot on image. Knowing how that image will transmit overseas is all about translation. Every project is allocated a hands-on project manager who takes care of you every step of the way.
Our in-house native language designers and subtitling team are experts in turning your YouTube or promotional video into a powerful sales tool that will resonate with your target audience overseas.