Translating to achieve good results!

Official documents are a special area of translation. We understand how important they are and how to translate and format them to get the best results. Our translations are accepted by NZQA, NZTA, MSD, MPI, Immigration, Births and Marriages, Police, Customs, Courts, Citizenship Office and most other government departments.  We can also provide certified translator affidavits for legal and court submissions. Your important documents are in the best hands.
To get things started, just send a scan of the documents to the email link below and we will quickly be in touch with all the information you need.


Legal & Immigration



Academic Qualifications


Many of our clients include solicitors, immigration advisors, and affiliated-government organisations. Certificates start from $49.00 for 100 words in English and are translated and designed to look much like the original at no extra cost. This makes life easier for Immigration, NZQA, the Courts and anyone involved who has to read your documents. It’s all part of the service.