TransNational delivers translation services in 24 languages for some of the best known brands and businesses in the world. We have over 70 certified and qualified translators working within specialised technical fields worldwide to meet quality standards accepted at government level. We specialised in advertising, brochures, education, tourism, and advanced technology products.


Official driver licenses, police clearances, qualifications and legal documents are translated and checked by NZSTI and NAATI qualified professionals. Our translations are accepted by NZQA, LTSA, WINZ, Immigration, Police, Customs, Courts in New Zealand and Australia.


Professionally qualified interpreters are experienced in a range of technical fields in 24 languages. Interpreters are trained to bridge the communication gap and work under a professional code of ethics. We assist in all areas including: Police and Court interpreting, medical and legal consults, workplace skills-training, interviews and international conference work nationwide.


Our designers are bilingual speakers of the foreign language. They know exactly what looks good to successfully land your brand image and attract your target audience. We have the foreign language software and technical skills needed to make your brochure or website work the way you want it. We also offer a full range of print services at wholesale rates.


Like you, our team are “real people” who are skilled translators, interpreters and designers. We treat each project as a unique piece of work. As a result we guarantee to deliver a high quality, stringently checked professional product crafted to your satisfaction every time. You can work with us online or visit a branch in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin.

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Official Driver licence translations in over 24 languages.